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Where others only condemn, ‘Re’ exists to express a thoughtful critique and explore viable alternatives to injustice, inequality and our unsustainable society. By providing a dynamic and creative space, this zine offers a platform to explore ideas for the future: through polemic, narrative, and art.

The purpose of ‘Re’ is to raise awareness about many challenges we face as a society and to generate and collate interesting and alternative ideas in response. Since our first issue in October 2012 we have focused on five different topics:

  • ReStart: What do we want and how can we get there?
  • ReInterpret: How can we think about where we are now in different ways?
  • ReOrganise: How can we organise for change?
  • ReLabel: Gender and Sexuality
  • ReInhabit: Living in Community in the 21st century
  • ReFund: Rethinking money and the economy
  • RePlay: What does play mean in a world obsessed with work and productivity?

[ReFund and RePlay will be available on our new, shiny website - watch this space!]

In between editions, our bloggers showcase new ideas and analyse topics from economics, to food, to activism from a broadly progressive perspective. The zine is run by an editorial collective, taking responsibility and decisions about the content, theme and direction of this publication. ’Re’ is free and available in print in our stockists across London and some other UK cities, as well as being available to download.

We are always looking for new thoughts and ways of expressing them so if you would like to get involved and contribute to the zine in any way please email re@rethezine.com. We welcome written pieces, letters, photography and artwork.

Let’s start thinking about the kind of world we want to create – together.

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